There's a Shazam for Verses of Quran?!

There's a Shazam for Verses of Quran?!
Photo by Semeon Hrozian / Unsplash

Every so often, we see the odd 'Ah I wish my phone could just hear a verse and tell me what it is' and time and time again, we want to wave our arms and shout that it's already happened!

That's right, it already exists. Where? In the form of Tarteel A.I of course!

Now, we can't label ourselves as 'Shazam for Quran' for super obvious reasons BUT we're here to let you know that if you ever wanted to locate a verse just through listening alone, we've got you.

A fun fact about Tarteel that you might have missed? In the earliest stages of development, born of hackathons and more, Tarteel began its journey towards being the world's leading Quran app for memorization as a Quran voice search app known as Iqra. We've come a long way since then, but that funtionality still stands and is useful in more ways than we can count!

Ready to try it out? Here's how you're going to do it:

  1. Download Tarteel A.I if you haven't already... d'uh!
  2. Press the luminous green mic icon at the bottom of your screen.
  3. Recite a full or partial verse yourself OR press the icon and let Tarteel pick up another recitation from elsewhere (the Imam at the masjid, a lecture etc)
  4. Watch in wonder as Tarteel locates the verse AND follows along with the rest of the recitation if it's ongoing.

Here it is in action!👇