Using AI to Access Quran Recitation

Using AI to Access Quran Recitation

How Tarteel makes Quran recitation more accessible to deaf and hearing impaired Muslims

For many deaf and hearing impaired Muslims, accessibility around the Quran's recitation has long been a struggle. Historically, the Quran was transmitted orally from one generation to the next and Alhamdulillah, while the Quran has since been recorded in writing and translated into a variety of languages, for many communities, there is still an obstacle around connecting with the Quran in its recited form.

Tarteel seeks to leverage technology to change the way modern Muslims approach the Quran and more specifically, how they engage with it. The first A.I function that a user comes into contact with when using Tarteel, is the way it detects recitation, locates the verse and then proceeds to follow along automatically.

For deaf and hearing impaired Muslims, this feature adds another layer to making the recitation of Quran accessible; it’s revolutionary in the support it provides in congregational prayers, especially with the month of Ramadan and Taraweeh prayers having arrived, as it allows you to know which surah is being recited and follow along with the Imam himself*. It can also be used when somebody is reciting Quran around you or in a class, as you can quickly identify which surah is being referred to.

In addition to this, there’s also the option to put the mus’haf in Adaptive Mode where the translation of the Quran is visible on the page along with the Arabic, meaning you can follow along with the recitation and read the translation in English. This creates new opportunities to increase your understanding of the surah and its context and immerse yourself in its meaning.

* Note: this is not an Islamic ruling to use your phone during prayers, please speak to a scholar for issues of Islamic rulings and jurisprudence

The words of Allah SWT are for every Muslim, and we should all be able to benefit from them inshaAllah.

Watch the video below to see the AI tool in action👇🏽