The Slate is Clean and the Scores Need Settling: How to Use Tarteel A.I’s Groups and Leaderboards to Make the Most of Dhul Hijjah 2024 With Your Loved Ones! 🏆

The Slate is Clean and the Scores Need Settling: How to Use Tarteel A.I’s Groups and Leaderboards to Make the Most of Dhul Hijjah 2024 With Your Loved Ones! 🏆
A screenshot of Tarteel's Groups and Leaderboards screen
فَٱسْتَبِقُوا۟ ٱلْخَيْرَٰتِ

So compete with one another in doing good. (Quran, 5:48)

As the first day of Dhul Hijjah dawns upon us, it brings with it an excellent opportunity to rejuvenate our spiritual practices and deepen our connection with the Quran. Tarteel A.I.’s innovative Groups and Leaderboards feature is designed to enhance this journey, offering a platform for friends, families, and communities to engage with the Quran together in a fun and motivating way. Let’s dive into how you can make the most of these features to maximize your rewards in Dhul Hijjah.

Understanding Tarteel A.I’s Groups and Leaderboards

Tarteel A.I. is a powerful tool for anyone looking to memorize and recite the Quran with accuracy and consistency. One of our newer features is the ability to create and join groups, allowing users to connect with others on the same journey. Whether it’s your family, friends, or a community group, this feature fosters a sense of togetherness and shared purpose.

Additionally, Tarteel A.I. includes a Leaderboards feature that brings an element of friendly competition to Quran memorization and recitation. Each Islamic month, the leaderboards reset, offering a fresh start and new motivation to climb the ranks. This feature is especially engaging as it allows you to see your progress relative to your group members and the global Tarteel community.

Creating and Joining Groups 🎯

Step 1: Download and Set Up Tarteel A.I

If you haven’t already, download the Tarteel A.I. app from the App Store or Google Play. You can even create an account through Web. Set up your account and explore the features available.

Step 2: Create / Join a Group

Once your account is set up, navigate to the Groups section. Here, you can create a new group by selecting a name and inviting members. This could be your immediate family, a group of friends, or even your local masjid community. Learn how to create and join a Group in the handy tutorial below! 👇

Step 3: Engage with Your Group

Once your group is set up, start engaging! Share daily goals, encourage each other, and track your collective progress. The app allows you to see how everyone is doing, fostering a sense of accountability and support.

Climbing the Leaderboards 📈

Step 1: Understand the Scoring System

Tarteel A.I. uses a point-based system to rank users on the leaderboards. Points are awarded for various activities such as reciting verses, completing memorization tasks, and consistent daily usage. Familiarize yourself with the scoring system to maximize your points.

Step 2: Set Personal and Group Goals

Set achievable goals for yourself and your group. Whether it’s memorizing a particular surah or reciting a set number of verses daily, having clear objectives helps maintain focus and motivation.

Step 3: Regular Engagement

Consistency is key. Make it a habit to engage with the app daily. Even short, regular sessions can accumulate significant points over time, helping you and your group climb the leaderboards.

Step 4: Encourage Healthy Competition

Use the leaderboards to foster a healthy, friendly competition within your group. Celebrate milestones, acknowledge top performers, and encourage everyone to keep striving for improvement.

Making the Most of Dhul Hijjah 🕋

Dhul Hijjah is a time of immense spiritual significance, and incorporating Quran memorization and recitation into your daily routine can enhance your spiritual experience. Here’s how you can leverage Tarteel A.I.’s features to make the most of this blessed month:

1. Daily Reminders and Motivation

Set Goals within the app to ensure you don’t miss your Quran sessions and use them to motivate yourself to keep going!

2. Reflect and Share

Share reflections and insights from your Quran recitation. Discuss the meanings of verses and how they relate to your life. This practice not only deepens your understanding but also strengthens your bond with your group.

3. Special Dhul Hijjah Challenges

Create special challenges within your group specifically for Dhul Hijjah. This could be memorizing a particular chapter or reciting a set number of verses daily. Tailor these challenges to reflect the spiritual goals of this holy month.

4. Celebrate Achievements

Acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of group members. Whether someone has memorized a new surah or reached a personal milestone, celebrating these moments can boost morale and encourage continued effort.

5. Utilize Leaderboards for Extra Motivation

With the leaderboards resetting every Islamic month, Dhul Hijjah is the perfect time to start fresh. Encourage your group to aim for the top spots, adding an extra layer of motivation to your daily recitation and memorization efforts.

The Spiritual and Social Benefits 🤲

Deepening Spiritual Connection

Engaging with the Quran during Dhul Hijjah allows you to deepen your spiritual connection with Allah. The act of memorizing and reciting the Quran brings immense rewards and strengthens your faith.

Building Stronger Bonds

Using Tarteel A.I.’s group feature fosters a sense of community and shared purpose. Whether it’s with family, friends, or a larger community, working together towards a common spiritual goal strengthens relationships and builds a supportive network.

Encouraging Continuous Improvement

The leaderboards provide a continuous source of motivation. Knowing that your efforts contribute to your group’s standing encourages you to keep improving and striving for excellence.

Dhul Hijjah offers a unique opportunity to enhance your spiritual practices and deepen your connection with the Quran. Tarteel A.I.’s Groups and Leaderboards feature is an innovative way to make this journey engaging and motivating. By creating or joining groups, setting personal and collective goals, and climbing the leaderboards, you can transform your Quran memorization and recitation experience.

So, as the new month begins, take advantage of the clean slate and dive into the spiritual journey with your loved ones. Download Tarteel A.I., create your group, and start climbing those leaderboards. May this Dhul Hijjah be a time of immense blessings, growth, and connection with the Quran. Happy memorizing!