We Asked The Public for Their Quran Memorization Routines: Here Are 5 That Stood Out

We Asked The Public for Their Quran Memorization Routines: Here Are 5 That Stood Out

Think of your routine as your personal superhero cape, swooping in to save your day from the clutches of disorganization. With a solid routine, you’re the pilot and your day is a well-navigated flight; every task becomes a destination reached with precision. It's about turning those overwhelming to-do lists into a series of manageable, satisfying check-offs. From mastering the art of morning rituals to wrapping up your day with a sense of accomplishment, a good routine is your secret weapon in the battle against the clock.

Finding a hifz routine that works for you is essential to memorizing the Quran; after all, it's the discipline that helps you thrive, right? Routine can get the best out of us, even in those moments where we feel like we have nothing left to give. It helps us dig deep into the habits we've built to get us over the line in our day-to-day and yield results long-term.

It's never too late to look to someone else and draw inspiration from what they're doing - it worked for them, so why not for you too? Whether you're just starting out with memorizing the Quran or you're in the throes of the journey looking for a shake-up in routines, methods and techniques, we've put together a list of hifz routines from other aspiring huffadh like yourself to give you an insight into what's working for everyone else. Maybe you'll take on a new step or a new process after reading, or maybe it'll reaffirm that what you're already doing is what works best for you - either way, the journey of hifz is a beautiful one that brings and binds countless Muslims, and it's a heartening feeling to not only see how everyone's getting on but know that we're in this together.

Let's get into these routines👇

1. Start Small

If you're a beginner - which a lot of us are - it's always a good idea to start with smaller, manageable chunks. Half a page a day is a great way to get going as it's enough to get you into a flow of memorizing in a way that doesn't overwhelm you. Memorizing after Fajr is a historically renowned approach that's still used even today in many Islamic schools. The recommendation comes from the idea that there's more barakah to be found in the early hours of the day and our minds are at their sharpest at that point. Set an earlier alarm and see what you can do!

2. Split Your Time

Revise, revise, revise! It's one thing to memorize new portions but don't forget to prioritize revision of what you've already learned. Revising verses throughout the day using Tarteel in Memorization Mode where hiding the page and Memorization Mistake Detection work hand in hand is a great way to test yourself and strengthen what you know!

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3. Tailor The Approach

This routine incorporates reading, listening, recitation and most importantly, repetition to create a thorough, 7-step approach to memorizing a page. It's important to note that it's been customized to fit the individual and address their own challenges which is a great reminder to us all that memorizing the Quran doesn't come with a 'one size fits all' system. Take into account your capacity, schedule, strengths and weaknesses to create a routine that allows you to be consistent without feeling overwhelmed!

4. If You Don't Use It, You Lose It

Translation: I memorize one page before going to sleep, read it in prayer, review it the next day before going to sleep, and start memorizing the new page.

One of the best things about memorizing the Quran? You have so many more options for recitation when it comes to your salah! Another great way to revise your portions is to recite them in your prayers throughout the day.

5. Loop Your Listening

When you listen to Quran recitation repeatedly, it's like etching the verses into your memory through a gentle, rhythmic process. Each loop acts as a reinforcement, subtly weaving the words and their rhythm into your cognitive fabric. This continuous exposure not only aids memorization but also helps in understanding the flow and the nuances of Tajweed (the art of Quranic recitation). It can feel like someone's guiding you through the verses, allowing you to absorb the sounds, the pronunciations, and the patterns effortlessly. Over time, the verses start resonating within you and you might find yourself reciting in a similar manner with the same kind of accuracy!

Tarteel in Listening Mode is a game-changer and allows you to tailor the audio experience to suit your listening needs! Choose your Qari, the portion of verses you want to be recited, the number of times you want it to loop and the speed, and you're good to go! Best of all, there are no ads to interrupt the experience!

There you have it - 5 hifz routines to inspire! What's your current hifz routine? Be sure to tag us over on X @tarteelai so we can see!