Translations, Tafsir, Bookmarks, and More!

Translations, Tafsir, Bookmarks, and More!

With the blessed month of Ramadan only a month away, the Tarteel team has been hard at work getting our app ready to help you make it the best one yet! We received a lot of great feedback on features people were looking for and ways we could make the app easier to use, and so we've done exactly that.

Our latest update makes Tarteel easier to use but also much more powerful.

The latest update includes a revamped home screen, Quran navigator, bookmarks, and more. Keep reading to see a few highlights from the changes we made, and then download or open the app to discover the others yourself. We will also be releasing additional improvements in the next few weeks ahead of Ramadan.

Home Screen Redesign

Tap the big button!

One big concern we heard from our users was not understanding what to do when opening the app. We've improved the UX by adding clear and intuitive visuals on the home screen to make Tarteel easier to use, even for our regular users. With the latest update, we simplified the home screen to have only two buttons: a microphone button to start a recitation session and a button to open our new Quran navigator.

Advanced Navigation

You know where you want to go - let us get you there.

Sometimes we don't pick up the Quran where we last left off. Maybe there's a certain verse, chapter, or page we're looking for. Maybe we're trying to read Surah Al-Kahf on Friday. We can get you anywhere with our new navigation modal.
Type out your destination as text (or even Roman numerals), pick a chapter or part from a list, or pick from a curated list of your most recently read pages to immediately dive into the Quran at that exact position. If you just want to keep reading from where you left off, simply tap the "Continue Reading" button.
Love the new modal? You can access it from within the Quran reading experience too.

Comprehensive Reading

Our most powerful reading experience yet.

One of the most important things in any Quran app is the actual reading experience. We've carefully crafted advanced tools on top of our simple reading modes to let you read in peace while also having any additional context you need just a tap away. With the new release, we've added the following features to our reading experience:

Selectable Verses

Long press a verse, tap on its number marker, or tap on the menu in the verse's cell to access the copy, share, bookmarks, translations, and tafsir actions.

Action sheet available with a single tap.


Easily add and remove the bookmark for a verse from its action sheet, or access your full list of bookmarks by tapping the bookmarks button in the app header.

Comparative Study

From the action sheet, tap on Translations or Tafsir to see a list of translations or tafsir for the selected verse. We've released translations in English, French, Urdu, and Hindi, along with tafsir in English and Arabic.

Copy and Share

Use the Copy action to quickly add the verse you're viewing to your device clipboard. Use the Share action to pick what elements (Arabic verse, translation, and transliteration) of the verse you want to share and open the device share menu.

Want to start reading from a different page of the Quran? Quickly access the navigation modal by tapping the app header and then pick a new position. If you ever need to go back, just open the navigation modal again and find the previous position in your "Recently Read" section.


Our mission at Tarteel is simple: Help Muslims enhance their relationship with the Quran. To help us achieve it, please send us your feedback by emailing [email protected] or from the feedback section of the app.

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Jazakkum Allahu khair!
The Tarteel Team