Boost Your Qur'an Memorization with AI. Here's How to Access Tarteel Premium for Free!

Boost Your Qur'an Memorization with AI. Here's How to Access Tarteel Premium for Free!

Tarteel AI is world's first app that interacts with your voice to detect mistakes in your Qur'an memorization.

Experience mistake detection and Tarteel's other premium features for free throughout the month of Rajab.

By the mercy of Allah, the past year has been a season of growth for Tarteel and it's incredible community (you guys!). From bringing on new team members, to reaching unprecedented milestones (~3M downloads ❤️), to most importantly building out the most advanced Quran AI technology in the world.

Our mission has always been to build state-of-the-art digital products that benefit the Muslim ummah, so when we analyzed the usage of Tarteel AI and found that premium users spend 74% more time using Tarteel than non-premium users, we realised how much benefit Muslims were reaping through the advanced features like Memorization Mistake Detection.

So to give everyone the ability to see how our premium features can help you boost your Qur'an journey, we have made Tarteel premium 100% FREE for the next 30 days, during the month of Rajab (starting Monday 23rd January 2023).

Al-Bukhaari (4406) narrated from Abu Bakrah, that the Prophet ﷺ said: “...The year is twelve months, of which four are sacred: three consecutive months, Dhu’l-Qa‘dah, Dhu’l-Hijjah and Muharram, and Rajab of Mudar...”

As we near towards Ramadan, we want to ensure that we do our utmost to encourage the community (and ourselves) to realign our focus and reconnect with the Book of Allāh.

If you've never tried Tarteel's advanced features but have always been eager to see what everyone's talking about, now is your opportunity to immerse yourself in our Quranic artificial intelligence.

If that wasn't enough, we've been working behind the scenes to release numerous new features to Tarteel AI just in time for the free month access. So all users will get to enjoy:

🧠 Memorization Mistake Detection: allow the app to detect your memorization mistakes using AI

👀 Peeking: can't remember the next ayah? Peek at the next word or even the entire ayah

🗓 Mistake History: view your previous memorization mistakes and listen back to your old sessions

📲 + More Features: listening features, set yourself challenges, track your analytics

How do I claim my free premium account? ... We hear you ask. We've taken care of it. If you're a brand new user who has recently downloaded the app then you will be automatically granted free access to Tarteel AI's premium features for the next 30 days, no credit card required and no surprises in your bank account at the end of the month. If you wish to continue accelerating your Qur'an journey with state-of-the-art technology through Tarteel premium, you'll be given the option to opt-in once your 30-days are up.

If you're an existing user of Tarteel but are not yet premium, you'll also be automatically upgraded to a premium account for the month of Rajab. Once the 30 days are up, you'll get the option to continue using premium features through our paid subscription or remain on the basic plan.

Note: Be sure to update your app to access all features!

If you want to learn how to best use the Tarteel AI premium features, check out our Tutorial playlist below: