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Announcing the Recite a Quran, Give a Quran Challenge!

Recite a Quran, Give a Quran with Tarteel

At Tarteel, we're on a mission to deliver the best digital experience for Muslims with the Quran - our manual and guide for this life and the afterlife.
We want to make it easy for Muslims to engage with the Quran and build a better relationship and habits around the Holy Book of Allah - SWT.

It should come as no surprise that due to COVID the spirit and essence of Ramadan has drastically changed for Muslims across the entire globe. Where we were accustomed to utilizing the community support and companionship around us to help create better habits and become closer to the religion during the month of Ramadan, we now have to adapt. Many of us will once again spend it in isolation and distance from our loved ones.

Although it would seem that spending time in isolation would help us connect with the Quran in a much more meaningful manner, that is far from the truth for many people as the increased stress, distractions, lack of structure, and motivation lead to less than ideal conditions. Completing the Quran in Taraweeh was a blessing that we took for granted and we believe that many Muslims will not be able to uphold it on their own again this year.

That's why this Ramadan we're launching the "Recite a Quran, Give a Quran" challenge alongside the launch of the latest version of our app, which includes automatic progress and recitation tracking to help you create accountability, a sense of community, purpose, and a mission to complete the recitation of the Quran this Ramadan with the assistance of Tarteel's AI.

It's simple: if you read or recite more than 70% of the Quran this Ramadan and track your progress with Tarteel, we will donate a Quran on your behalf! This way, you get the reward of completing a portion of the Quran, a continuous charity (Sadaqa Jariya) for your donation, and, inshaAllah, whatever extra reward Allah - SWT - bestows upon his servants this Ramadan.

Automatic and manual progress tracking are Tarteel Premium features, but everyone should have the opportunity to maximize their deeds this Ramadan. That's why we're giving Premium for free for everyone this Ramadan!

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to maximize your reward during and after Ramadan with Tarteel's "Recite a Quran, Give a Quran" challenge!

Share the #GiveAQuran campaign with your friends and family so you can get the reward from them for reciting and donating a Quran.
The Prophet SAW said "Whoever leads to good, he is like the one who does it." (Al-Tirmidhi).

I'm participating in @tarteelAI 's "Recite a Quran, #GiveAQuran" challenge! Join me in reciting the Quran and Tarteel will donate a Quran on our behalf so we can maximize our reward together this Ramadan.

To collect and distribute Mus'hafs on behalf of our Tarteel users, we're partnering with The Furqaan Foundation and The Islamic Society of Boston.

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