Introducing re:Verses

Introducing re:Verses

The NEW Hifz Podcast from Tarteel🎙️

Cue the fanfare, confetti, the works!🎉 We’re announcing the launch of our BRAND NEW podcast…

The re:Verses podcast logo

re:Verses is a weekly podcast hosted by Sheikh Musa Abuzaghleh which sheds light on all aspects of the hifz journey and puts YOU, the Tarteel Community, at the centre of the discussion.

It’s an exciting, dynamic way for you to get involved whilst furthering your own hifz progress and learning more about others who are also on a life-changing journey towards memorizing the Quran!

We know what you’re thinking. How did we come up with such a captivating name?👀 At Tarteel, our mission has always been to leverage the best technology, individuals, networks and resources to help Muslims feel more confident in connecting with and memorizing the Quran. It’s at the heart of our work, and this podcast encompasses everything regarding the verses of the Quran, including:




… all key elements of the hifz journey!

A gif of the re:Verses Podcast logo

And speaking of journeys, you’ll notice our logo has a life of its own! We wanted to highlight that hifz is an ongoing process - one that's filled with movement. You’ll always need to repeat, realign and review. Our memory’s shape is forever changing but re:Verses is here to help you rediscover and recentre yourself, helping you feel connected to your goal.

Here’s how it goes. Each episode will be split into three segments:

  1. 📞 You call in with your hifz questions, experiences and challenges. This is a community corner, a place where personal journeys are shared, and connections are strengthened. Your stories will bond you with others, common threads between you.
  2. 🗣️ Shaykh Musa provides personalized, thoughtful advice as well as bitesize lectures. Through these discussions, listeners will gain practical guidance as well as a deeper understanding of the Quran.
  3. 👥 In conversation with a hafidh. Learn more about the aspiring huffadh in your communities and take home valuable insights and motivation to progress on your own hifz journey!

We know that memorizing any part of the Quran is a pretty big deal, and there’s no one-size-fits-all approach; we have ups and downs, moments of progress followed by lags, and thousands of triumphs and mistakes in between. Whether you’re a seasoned hafidh or only just beginning your journey, re:Verses provides an enriching space that encourages growth and pushes you to achieve your memorization goals. This isn’t just a podcast; it's a community. It's a chance to explore our faith, challenge ourselves, and grow together as we walk the path of hifz.

We’re not going to give you a cheat code for faster memorization. But if you want community, support, encouragement, motivation, knowledge and incredible, practical advice from people who were once in your position or have been there and done it… we’ve got you.

On your daily commute, during breaks or in the pockets of silence you manage to catch in the evenings, put re:Verses in your ear and make sure you’re plugged into the hifz journey, always. Need us to point the way there?

Catch the FIRST EPISODE below and on all of your favourite podcast platforms!👇



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