Quran Memorization Journey Tips — Maintaining Effective Diet for Hifz

Quran Memorization Journey Tips — Maintaining Effective Diet for Hifz
Tarteel Resources: Memorisation Journey Series with Qari Ishaaq Jasat - Part 6 of 10 | Maintaining Effective Diet for Hifz (Quran Memorization)

There are many methods of maintaining an effective and healthy diet. This section simply summarizes the key diet hacks, inspired by the sunnah as well as proven recent research. It is important to maintain your physical and mental health to perform at your peak abilities.

"A strong believer is better and is more lovable to Allah than a weak believer, and there is good in everyone, (but) cherish that which gives you benefit (in the Hereafter) and seek help from Allah..".
Sahih Muslim 2664

1: Eating at sensible times and maintaining a balanced diet is essential in the productivity of your hifdh journey. Be disciplined in your daily intake of nutrition.

2: Scientific research shows that honey has immunity-boosting properties which works against memory loss. Consuming honey before going to sleep helps act as a fuel source for the brain and helps to preserve memory.

3: A new study has revealed that olive oil improves visual memory and verbal fluency. It can also lead to high scores in tests of memory, attention span and abstract thinking.

4: Figs are a phenomenal source of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which specifically helps the proper functioning of the brain system. Figs are also known as "brain foods."

5: Recent studies have shown that pomegranates help you to enhance your memory through an increase in brain activity during verbal and memory testing.

6: Dates are a fantastic source of fibre which is extremely important for the brain. Fibre helps to slow down sugar absorption and regulates its supply, leading to enhanced memory function.

7: Scientists have found that those who have a grape enriched diet benefited from increased metabolism in other areas of the brain, which showed improvements in memory performance.

8: Not only was black seed oil highly recommended by our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) but scientific research has widely shown that those who consume black seed within their diet have enhanced their memory, attention and cognition.

9: For centuries, almonds have been one of the most recommended foods by Muslims for better memory. In particular, for Qur'an memorisation, scientific research has shown that almonds have a positive impact on the brain in that they boost one's memory.

10: Zam Zam water is a very beneficial source of intake and can provide miraculous cures for many who are suffering from health issues. If your memory is fading and you wish to improve your hitch in general, drink Zam Zam water with a sincere intention.

This is part 6 of a 10 part series.

  1. Preparation and Intention
  2. Inspirational Advice from the past
  3. Choosing the right school and teacher
  4. Tajweed and Reflection
  5. Ramadan Memorisation Tips
  6. Effective Diet & Sleep Intake
  7. Memory Retention Methods
  8. Utilising technology and resources
  9. Qur'anic Du'as (Supplications)
  10. Life after memorising the Qur'an

By Qari Ishaaq Jasat
With the tips adapted from the book: 365 Tips to Help Memorise the Qur'an.