5 Ways to Make Memorizing The Quran As Addictive As Social Media

5 Ways to Make Memorizing The Quran As Addictive As Social Media

In an age where attention is currency and social media commands the attention of millions, turning the tide to make learning equally captivating can be quite the challenge. Sometimes it's not enough to put a time limit on your devices or put them in 'hard to reach' areas - the hard truth is that for a lot of us, they're an extension of our bodies and we're all a little bit more distracted by them than we'd like to admit.

With phone in hand and thumbs at the ready, the things of importance fade into the background, whether that be learning, work or even being present in conversations with our loved ones. But what if we could channel some of that engaging magic into education, and more specifically our journey of memorizing the Quran? Here, we explore five creative ways to make your hifz as addictive and enjoyable as scrolling through your favourite social media feeds!

1. Gamify the Learning Experience

Just as social media platforms keep users hooked with likes, shares, and notifications, memorizing the Quran can be gamified to boost engagement. Implementing elements like points, badges, or levels for completing learning tasks can transform a mundane study session into an exciting game. Platforms like Duolingo and Kahoot! are prime examples, turning language learning and classroom quizzes into fun, interactive games.

๐Ÿ’กPro Tip: Tarteel's badges and streaks can incentivize your hifz and boost your motivation tenfold! Have you recited Surah Kahf? Maybe you're super close to completing the verses of healing? The heart of the ย Quran is your next challenge... There's an array of badges to choose from to get you that much closer to the Quran and give you small steps of encouragement along the way.

2. Leverage the Power of Microlearning

Social media is addictive partly because it delivers content in small, digestible bites. This approach can be mirrored in learning through microlearning โ€“ breaking down information into compact, manageable units. Think of it as the educational equivalent of tweets or Instagram stories; short, focused bursts of knowledge that are easy to consume and retain.

๐Ÿ’กPro Tip: Have you checked the new Goals tab in the dashboard? If small, digestible, bitesize learning is the name of the game, we've got you. Goals has got a new look and we're here for it!

Set your own challenges and customize them to ensure that you're not just meeting milestones, you're building intentions and habits that will stay with you for a lifetime! You can choose from some of our preset options or go rogue and make up your own from scratch. It's all about you and tailoring the hifz experience to accommodate your memorization/revision style. It's #goals... literally! (Bad pun, we know!)

3. Create a Social Learning Environment

Social media is inherently... well, social. Incorporating this aspect into learning can work wonders. When it comes to hifz - or any subject for that matter - study groups, online forums, or even class-wide WhatsApp groups can foster a sense of community. Sharing insights, asking questions, and celebrating each other's achievements can create a supportive and engaging learning atmosphere, much like a thriving online community. Get your pals together and make the Quran and your journey of hifz the talk of the town! We promise it'll never get old.

4. Introduce Interactive and Multimedia Content

One reason we love social media is its rich, interactive content. Why not apply this to memorizing the Quran? Interactive videos, podcasts, and infographics can make educational content more engaging. Tools like Adobe Spark or Canva can help create vibrant, multimedia presentations, while several Islamic lectures and podcasts offer a plethora of visually appealing educational videos.

One awesome example of this (if we do say so ourselves) is our very own hifz podcast, re:Verses, where YOU - the Tarteel community - are at the heart of the discussion every week with Sh. Musa Abuzaghleh sharing insights and answering questions all about the hifz journey. Check it out๐Ÿ‘‡

5. Personalize the Learning Experience

Finally, the allure of social media often lies in its personalized nature โ€“ content tailored to your interests and preferences. Similarly, memorizing the Quran becomes more enjoyable when it aligns with personal interests and goals.

Allowing yourself the space to find a teacher and memorization technique and routine that works with your learning style can make a world of difference, whilst also making the whole experience feel less like a chore and more like a personal journey of discovery. Don't forget to check your intentions often and be honest with yourself about what you can manage in a way that doesn't effect your ability to be consistent with it all!

Incorporating these strategies can transform the journey of memorizing the Quran into an enjoyable, engaging, and even addictive experience. By borrowing a page from the social media playbook, hifz teachers and students alike can discover the joy and excitement in education, making it as captivating as scrolling through our favorite feeds. Remember, the goal is not just to compete with social media but to harness its engaging qualities to enrich your own learning experience. Happy memorizing! ๐Ÿ“š๐Ÿ’ก๐ŸŒ

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