4 Hifz Stories to Inspire Your Quran Memorization

4 Hifz Stories to Inspire Your Quran Memorization
Photo by Ashkan Forouzani / Unsplash

When you're memorizing the Quran, the journey is full of peaks and pits, hope and worry that the finish line looks further and further away each time. One important lesson to remember though, is that hifz is a marathon, not a sprint and even though we should always aspire to be better, looking ahead to others who have had success isn't a reason to look down on yourself. Everyone's path is different and no two Quran memorization journeys are even remotely similar. We all learn at different paces and have different strengths, memory retention and levels of commitment we can give.

Don't believe us? Here are 5 very different - but equally inspiring - hifz stories from the seasoned pros to let you know that as long as you don't give up, you're on the right track.

The Hafiza who decided to start at age 50

A sister based in the United Kingdom called in to tell us that she'd decided after decades of piqued interest that she would try to memorize the Quran... at the age of 50! She'd raised her children, had a succesful career and faced other challenges in life but her commitment to the book of Allah never wavered. She had to learn how to read Arabic from scratch but that didn't stop her - she was disciplined, focused on the end goal and enjoyed it; hifz gave her a sense of fulfilment unlike anything else and she was determined to make the most of any spare time she had. She found solace in the masjid in her classes and each step towards Allah took her closer to the ultimate treasure.

Sister Zohra attended hifz classes on a weekly basis where she'd memorize three new pages and revise three from the week prior. Her routine was a meticulous one and it all paid off when just 6 years later, she completed her hifz and attained her 'Ijazah.

You're not too old or too busy - so many of us are under the impression that memorizing the Quran is for an exclusive group of people who start really early or can recite before they can walk. The reality is that we're all invited to try! If you're Muslim, the Quran is a conversation between you and your Creator; every possible emotion, answer and form of relief lies in that book. Make the intention, give it your all and surprise yourself with just how much you gain from the experience!

The Hafiz who had to take it slow for a while

One particular episode that stood out to us was where a young brother who found himself in a predominantly secular secondary school used the time and spaces where he wasn't with the 'in crowd' to memorize the Quran instead. In a bold and inspiring move that truly went against the grain of his environment, he used the Book of Allah to keep himself afloat and thrived in doing so. Even though his memorization was slower during that period, he still carried on.

This story moved us for several reasons, the main one being that we always hear about how the environment you're in is paramount to whether you'll be successful or not in your Hifz. This brother's environment could have set him up for failure but with conviction, perseverance and a constant renewal of intentions, he went on to complete his Hifz Alhamdulillah.

The Hafiz whose parents were at the heart of his journey

This brother found himself starting and finishing his days with the Quran, thanks to his parents Alhamdulillah. While he was supported greatly by both, he shares how memorable the time with his mother was in particular, from being given hot water and honey to drink before reciting, to reviewing alongside her.

Memorizing the Quran is one thing, but memorizing with the support of your parents and loved ones and having them in your corner trying to give you ease, encouraging your efforts and celebrating you when you cross the finish line? It's experiences like this that give life meaning and make the journey of Hifdh that much sweeter.

The Hafiz who memorized by listening

The power of listening when engaging with Hifz is massively underrated! Repetition of audio - or in this case, of the portion you're trying to memorize - can be an absolute gamechanger in your Hifz journey. Sometimes the key is just to have something on loop so that even when you're not actively memorizing or revising, the recitation is seeping into your subconscious and making you better for it. We came across this in an episode of re:Verses where the brother cited listening to Quran recitation non-stop as pivotal to his memorization and it's safe to say that even Ustadh Musa was a little taken back. Check it out. 👇

And there you have it folks, 4 inspiring stories of Hifz straight from the re:Verses Podcast to you to show you that no matter the situation, closeness with the Quran is always worth it and can be life changing in more ways that one! You've heard these directly from our community and now it's your turn. We hope you feel inspired to start your memorization journey, even if it's just one verse and that if you're on the road to completing your Hifz, that these serve as some motivation to keep going! May Allah make it easy for us all, accept our efforts and truly make us companions and carried of His book.