We Asked The Public for Quran Memorization Tips: Here's 5 That Stood Out

We Asked The Public for Quran Memorization Tips: Here's 5 That Stood Out

If you're younger than 25, you might be surprised to hear that there was a time when people would drive cars without the use of their favourite road navigation app. Even then, however, there would be ways to know where you were going, whether it was through large paper maps that were being held up by the passenger or through simply reading the road signs (yes... people would read road signs).

The point is, nobody was simply driving without any clue of how they would reach their destination. There was always a technique.

Memorizing the Quran is a journey that is unique to each individual, for some it takes decades whilst others may utilise dedicated, intensive courses to complete their memorization in just months. Regardless of how long it takes, the journey is one that the Muslim must strive through. Like any other form of journey or form of study, it takes discipline, motivation and technique.

The technique one uses to memorize the blessed words of Allāh, are many. Finding a strategy that works for you is one of the most important elements in this endeavour. That's why we asked the public on twitter and in-person for their best memorization tips. Here are 5 ways that stood out:

1.  Listen On Loop

Listen to the particular section that you're currently revising, on loop. By listening to the same part again and again, you'll be able to embed the verses through the repeated action. Repetition is key and sometimes we only think of it in terms of our reciting, but it can be great for listening, too. The Tarteel app has a looping feature built in which allows you to customize which ayat you want to listen to and how many times you wish to repeat it. We know, handy!

2. Split Each Ayah Up

Rather than reading each ayah over and over again, this twitter user suggests breaking the longer ayat up into sections and repeating individual sections of the ayah. Here's how it would work: you repeat the entire ayah 5 times, then you repeat each individual part of the ayah 5 times, then you recite each part of the ayah 5 times while also reciting the part before... are you still with us? 🤯

3. Stare At a Blank Wall

Yup, this is exactly what it sounds like. Hold the Noble Quran whilst you read the page and then stare at a blank wall and recite the same page. The idea behind this common method is two-tiered: firstly you remove all distractions by looking at something blank, and secondly you are able to try and get a picture snapshot of the page. If you're a fan of this method, you'll love the memorization mode on Tarteel. Tarteel allows you to look at the page you're revising and then blank out the page so that you can no longer read the ayat, the app then uses it's artificial intelligence to listen to you recite and fills in the ayat as you do so. If you like the idea of trying to memorize what the page will look like, this ones for you! Ps. the app will also detect and highlight any memorization mistakes you make*.

4. Read the Page 10-15 Times by Looking

This method allows you to look at and read the Quran. The idea is that you read the Quran so many times by looking, that once you can no longer see the ayat, you'll have it stored in your brain. Caution: this takes a lot of practice!

5. Listen to Your Favourite Qari

So this technique depends on the level that the individual is at. Most Quran teachers would advise their students to stick to listening to reciters that read slowly, as well as reading in a particular riwayah. Examples include Shaykh Mahmoud Al Hussary:

That's our list! If you have any further ideas that think would make a great addition to our blog next time, be sure to tweet us @tarteelai