So You’ve Made a Mistake. Now What?

So You’ve Made a Mistake. Now What?

We all make mistakes, but where do we go from here?

Memorization Mistake Detection is one of Tarteel’s pioneering features and we’ve seen many of you use it to further your Quran memorization. The first of its kind, our AI listens to your recitation and identifies any word-level errors that you make, including wrong words, skipped words or incorrect order. You can use it to check your memorization alone wherever you are, in class with friends or with your teacher to consolidate your learning. It’s great for revision and works around you to align with your progress as you get better - game-changing stuff!

But what happens when you make a mistake? Where do they go? Well, after they’ve been highlighted in red, your mistakes fall into their own category on the Dashboard near your recent activity, meaning you can check them as many times as you need to as you revise.

Check it out in use below👇

You could even go one step further with our newly launched Historical Mistakes feature and take a deep dive into your mistakes within each surah! You’ll be able to see your progress as a glance and get an idea of which parts of the surah could use a little more work. A winning formula for memorization if we ever saw one!

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