Say Hello to the Tarteel Mobile App: Launching Today

Today we’re launching The Tarteel mobile app on the iOS and Android App stores. Since Tarteel was released last year, we’ve been committed…

Say Hello to the Tarteel Mobile App: Launching Today
The Tarteel mobile app is now available on the iOS and Android app stores

Since Tarteel launched last year, we’ve been committed to making it easier for Muslims to learn how to read the words of Allah (SWT) and to provide those with limited access to Imams and Sheikhs a means of maintaining their relationship with Allah (SWT) and His book.

Over the past year, we started the Tarteel recitation collection initiative and received 80,000+ recordings, acquired Iqra and built Ayah voice search on top of it, and are currently iterating on the beta version of Qu’ran recitation transcription.

Today, we’re excited to announce a new addition to our Tarteel family, our mobile app. This has been our #1 request from our users and is now available on iOS and Android. The app’s first version will include a set of features that allow you to:

    Download it now on the app stores:

    Apple App Store:

    Android Play Store:

    JAK for your support. Tarteel has been able to release new features following your feedback and donations. We look forward to sharing with you more exciting updates over the next few months insha’Allah!


    The Tarteel team

    (1) Note that if you were an existing Iqra user, your Iqra app will be updated to Tarteel and continue to provide all the previous functionality plus much more.

    Tarteel is a Quran application that listens to your recitation and corrects mistakes. The name “Tarteel” comes from the Quran itself, where God commands us to “recite the Quran with tarteel (slow, measured, rhythmic tones)” (73:4).