Quran Memorization Journey Tips — Utilizing Technology and Resources

Quran Memorization Journey Tips — Utilizing Technology and Resources
Tarteel Resources: Memorisation Journey Series with Qari Ishaaq Jasat - Part 8 of 10 | Memorization Retention Methods (Quran Memorization)

There is so much information available to us to access on a daily basis. Resources which help you in your Qur'an memorisation journey should be utilised. There is nothing wrong in asking a close friend for some support or using online resources to assist you further in your hifdh. In fact, you should embrace technology and use it for the right means. We are surrounded by e-learning tools and the methods of learning through technology is advancing daily.

There are a range of tips provided in this section relating to technology, especially regarding the use of mobile apps. A key piece of advice is to always remember that your gadget can be a source of goodness or be your worst enemy, so choose your options carefully!

1: Using technology to help you in your Qur'an memorisation is very beneficial. Especially for those who travel frequently, where it is difficult to commit to a face-to-face class setting.

2: Many people utilise Skype to connect with qualified Qur'an teachers abroad. This is a very useful method to help you to stay on top of your tajweed and hifdh. It is flexible too, as you can schedule the classes around your own timetable.

3: The Tarteel app is amazing. You can simply recite any verse of the Qur'an and it will automatically detect your voice and display the specific verse with the English translation within the app!

4: If you are a frequent commuter, listening to the Qur'an on your device can really help you to progress your Qur'an memorisation. It allows you to utilise the time spent commuting and will strengthen your memory!

5: One very useful tool is for those who drive a vehicle, listening to the Qur'an and reciting at the same time is a very productive way of memorising the Qur'an. It allows you to learn the Qur'an in a comfortable and private space.

6: Downloading any app which helps you to learn Arabic is a huge advantage. This resource allows you to understand the Qur'an in your own time and will strengthen your connection with Allah.

7: One very useful method used in developing your Qur'an memorisation is by listening and watching the daily Taraweeh prayers from Makkah and Madinah. Have the Qur'an open in front of you or recite the Qur'an from memory as the Imam is reciting.

8: Joining a WhatsApp or Telegram group focused on Qur'an memorisation can be an effective technology-based resource. Interacting with others and sharing hifdh tips and advice can be of huge benefit to you!

9: Following trustworthy and credible social media accounts which share regular hifdh tips and advice is another technology-based resource which allows you to access regular resources to help you in your Qur'an memorisation.

10: Technology, apps and gadgets are not always a negative means. In fact, if you can utilise these tools to help build your knowledge of the Qur'an, it can prove to be a very positive method of strengthening your hifdh.

This is part 8 of a 10 part series.

  1. Preparation and Intention
  2. Inspirational Advice from the past
  3. Choosing the right school and teacher
  4. Tajweed and Reflection
  5. Ramadan Memorisation Tips
  6. Effective Diet & Sleep Intake
  7. Memory Retention Methods
  8. Utilising technology and resources
  9. Qur'anic Du'as (Supplications)
  10. Life after memorising the Qur'an

By Qari Ishaaq Jasat
With the tips adapted from the book: 365 Tips to Help Memorise the Qur'an.