Introducing the New

Introducing the New

We're excited to announce a project we've been working on in collaboration with for a while — a new and improved website.

Tarteel was founded with the goal of making it easier for Muslims to interact with the Quran. was a prime opportunity for us to push this goal forward since it is the world’s most visited Quran site, used by 2 million people each month, and the project is open-source.

In July of 2020, we started rebuilding the website from the ground up to make it more performant and address technical debt. One and a half years later, we have Alhamdolellah finished the rebuild and shipped some long requested features.

Internationalization Support

Most people in the world today do not speak English, and we want to make the Quran accessible to as many people as possible. Therefore, we invested in an infrastructure for internationalization. The new website now supports 15 languages, as well as full right-to-left layout.

IndoPak Mushaf Layout

Muslims in the Indian subcontinent and in South East Asia primarily rely on the IndoPak script when reading the Quran. The new website now comes with 15- and 16-line layouts so that users get a closer resemblance to the Mushaf they're used to.

Word by Word

Adding to the list one of the most requested features, the new website now allows displaying word by word translations and transliteration under the Arabic words. This allows for better understanding of the meaning and gives aid as to how a word is pronounced.

Verse 3 from Surah Al Baqarah showing Word by Word transliteration (second line) and translation (third line)

Full-length Audio Player

We've redesigned the audio player to allow listening and navigating through the entire Surah. Users can now download the audio, as well as use custom repeat loops. That's not all — we added 11 more of your favorite reciters.

Command Bar

This is one of our personal favorites — the new comes with a command bar to quickly navigate across the site. Press ⌘+K anywhere on the site, and the command bar will open up. You can type the name or number of any surah, verse, juz, or page.

The new command bar also comes with Tarteel voice search. Recite any verse, and it'll show up — just like you're used to on the Tarteel app.

What's Next?

Tarteel will insha'Allah continue investing in to deliver the best online Quran experience. Rebuilding the website was an initial milestone, and we're working on iterating and adding new functionality on a weekly basis with many more exciting features to come insha'Allah.

Let us know what you think of the new website on


This work wouldn't have been possible without the countless contributions of the team: Abdellatif, Absi, Ahmed, Amer, Aqeel, Marwan, Muhajir, Naveed, Nour, and Osama. Please keep them all in your duaas.